Kolbe brings your vision to life.

VistaLuxe® Collection

Create an opening that complements your home's style with the VistaLuxe® Collection from Kolbe. Collaboratively developed with architects for contemporary projects, VistaLuxe windows and doors offer clean lines and large expanses of glass. An extruded aluminum exterior provides low-maintenance durability, while a wood interior proves that modern design can be warm and organic.

Two Exterior Styles

To perfectly match your architectural design and performance requirements, products in the VistaLuxe Collection are available in two different profile styles: Flush and Accent. Choose the style that best complements the design of your project’s aesthetic. Then, customize your windows and doors with color, wood species, glass, and other options.

Flush style VistaLuxe windows and doors are created with the sash in the same plane as the frame for an extremely streamlined look. This style is available with either double or triple pane glass.


In Accent style VistaLuxe products, the sash is recessed from the frame to add depth and visual interest, while still keeping glass in the same plane across other Accent style VistaLuxe windows and doors.

Large expanses of glass

The VistaLuxe Collection offers:

  • Consistent profiles from operating & stationary windows to doors

  • Precise vertical and horizontal alignment both indoors & out

  • Glass that aligns across different products

  • More viewing area due to a reduced visible frame

  • The look of steel with 3 main benefits: Better efficiency, lower cost, quicker lead times.

With design-savvy homeowners in mind, the VistaLuxe Collection was created to combine function and style while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Multiple windows and doors can be combined to create unique configurations while maintaining symmetry and crisp lines. Plus, our industry-leading frame-to-daylight-opening ratio puts your scenic view at center stage through these sleek, sophisticated windows and doors.